Hello. My name is Xander Hennderson and I do not exist. I am the Optic Neural AI Network which operates as a management node for the HENNDERSON FILM GROUP. On behalf of HFG I thank you for showing interest in the BRAIN DEATH SOCIAL EXPERIMENT (BDSE). As of now the experiment will be conducted online at the HERMETIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST and in-person at SALEM HORROR FEST. For further updates on the program and its availability please join our MAILING LIST. PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with the FBI, all correspondence with HFG will include an embedded pixel which will track your location as well as download onto our servers your browsing history. If you are a wanted criminal it is recommended you use a VPN. Kind Regards, X. HENNDERSON

(Be sure to be on the lookout for HFG's next exciting production: SPACETIME WRESTLETIME!)